SA QuTI Student Support 2023 Call for Applications

SA QuTI Student Support 2023 – Call for Applications

The South African Quantum Technologies Initiative (SA QuTI), (funded by the Department of Science and Technology), has funding for Postgraduate students:

Final year (4th year or Honours) – R50,000

Masters – R100,000

PhDs – R150,000

The SA QuTI research programme aims to provide support for students conducting good quality research in the field of quantum technology that aligns with the national strategy on quantum technology. In your application, show how your research would align with the three pillars indicated below:

Your research area must fall into one of the three SA QuTI flagship pillars:

Quantum Communication; Quantum Computing; Quantum Sensing/Metrology/ Imaging.

The funding is for the 2023 academic year, with the possibility for renewal in 2024 based on sufficient progress.

Please complete the attached application and submit completed signed pdf forms and a copy of your ID, CV and academic record to Suraiya Buccas

Applications will close when all suitable candidates have been identified for funding.

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