Supply and delivery of fill-ease sterile 5 ml vials and fill-ease sterile 10 ml vials, dual-layer packing 10 pieces per pack including rubber stoppers and sterile metal caps beginning silvery aluminum, dual-layer packing -10 pieces per pack for 5 years

Contract Number: NRF/ILABS IOP/27/2020-21

Closing Date and Time: Wednesday, 3 March, 2021 – 11:00

Successful Bidders: 

Name of Successful Bidder: AXIM NUCLEAR AND ONCOLOGY (PTY) LTD(Company Registration Number: 2019/508849/07)

Contract Value: R2 081 446.07 (VAT Inclusive)

Contract Period: Five (5) Years

Contract Type: VariablePreferential Points: 3 (Level: Three)

Total Bid Points: 94

Contact Details: 

Contact Person:

Name: Luyolo Sabsana

Telephone Number: 021 843 – 1389

Email Address:

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