The NRF Next Generation and Emerging Researchers Symposium

The NRF Next Generation and Emerging Researchers Symposium

The National Research Foundation (NRF) is the biggest funding agency that supports next generation and emerging researchers and in addition, has over the years until 2017 hosted a number of national symposiums and forums for postgraduate students and postdoctoral fellows. These initiatives and forums played a key role in providing a platform for engagements, academic and grant writing, publication, ethical research, research collaboration, networking and professional development opportunities. Furthermore, these allowed for valuable feedback from the NRF stakeholders and beneficiaries on improving service culture of the organization. In October 2024, NRF would be hosting newly reconceptualized Next Generation and Emerging Researcher Symposium, envisioned to occur on an annual basis.

The aim of the symposium will be to provide the next generation and emerging researchers funded by the NRF with a platform that offers varied opportunities for networking, creating local and global workforce connections, knowledge exchange, sharing the latest groundbreaking insights on topics of their interest and thought-provoking research projects in relation to the NRF’s 2030 vision “research for a better society” and aligned to the thematic areas in the DSI decal plan. The objectives of the symposium are to develop and support the next generation and emerging researchers through the following: One-stop-shop clearing house; Encouraging Innovation and Impact; Interdisciplinary Collaboration and Knowledge Exchange; Mentorship; Providing a Platform for Science Communication; and Leadership and Strategic Direction in Research.

The 2024 symposium is expected to bring together a diverse group of up to 300 delegates, featuring the next generation and emerging researchers funded by NRF, stakeholders from South African universities and across NSI, along with senior NRF executives, A and B-rated NRF researchers, industry leaders who will provide invaluable support. The target audience will be the emerging researchers (i.e., postgraduate students, postdoctoral fellows and other researchers in the early stages of their careers) and undergraduate students interested in postgraduate studies and/or seeking to explore research/networking opportunities.

Submission Deadline: Applicant Closing Date: 11 July 2024
DA Closing Date: 26 July 2024
For programme content & grant related queries, please contact: Nontokozo Sibahle Kunene
Human and Infrastructure Capacity Development
Tel: +27 12 481- 4105
For technical queries please contact: NRF Support Desk

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