Congratulations to Dr Nishana Bhogal

<strong>Congratulations to Dr Nishana Bhogal</strong>

The NRF wishes to congratulate Dr Nishana Bhogal on her recent PhD graduation. Dr Bhogal was funded under the Fulbright South Africa Foreign Student program as a Visiting Student Researcher (VSR), in collaboration with the NRF, from 2021 to 2022.

The title of her thesis was: Towards a grounded theory of how and why founders vary in their scaling approaches: Alleviating period poverty. According to Dr Bhogal, all the founders who participated in the study alleviated period poverty, however, her investigation revealed that their responses were distinct, either person- or problem-oriented. “The former refers to founders’ broad endeavours to enhance beneficiaries’ lives, while the latter refers to founders focusing on alleviating period poverty.” These variations were rooted in the founders’ perception of the beneficiaries, which served as a powerful motivator for entrepreneurial action.”

Dr Bhogal was supervised by Professor Ralph Hamann (University of Cape Town, South Africa), Professor Ted Baker (Rutgers Business School, U.S.) and Professor Erin Powell (North Carolina State University, U.S.)

Dr Nishana Bhogal with UCT Chancellor, Dr Precious Moloi-Motsepe, and Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Professor Elelwani Ramugondo. Photo supplied.

“The Fulbright scholarship was an exciting opportunity to fast-track my international academic exposure,” said Dr Bhogal. “My extended time in the United States of America enabled me to forge relationships with outstanding scholars from many cultures across multiple disciplines. These relationships will serve as a basis for future research collaborations. I also participated in post-graduate programmes and attended conferences, seminars, and lectures, thus deepening my insights about U.S.-based programmes. I may adapt some of these insights to enhance local programmes.”

The Fulbright South Africa Foreign Student program 2024-2025 is currently open for applications here. Dr Nishana Bhogal had these words of encouragement for aspiring applicants:

“The Fulbright scholarship is a life-changing adventure. You are almost guaranteed to meet people from around the world, with multiple perspectives and life experiences. Keep an open mind and heart, and be open to learning. While in the programme, you should work diligently but be sure to have fun and explore your new context.”

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